A trip back to Wisembly’s Breakfast meeting on “Digital Transition and Transforming Jobs”

Over 80 experts in marketing, communication, HR and other in other services were all gathered at the Welcome City Lab on Friday the 27th of November 2015.

Agenda of the breakfast meeting: “Digital Transformation and Transforming jobs”

The goal of this meet-up: Have digital experts share their best practices, successes and also challenges they have faced in the past.

Corinne Werner – la Française des Jeux (FDJ) –@cowerner

Collective Intelligence Manager, #ZINC #innovation #make

Richard Berro – EDF – @richard_berro

Strategic Leader of the DILEX Project (Digital Learning Experiences)

Stanislas Poirier – Sanofi France – Linkedin
Digital Culture



As in introduction, Corinne Werner explained why the year 2015 was a turning point for digital business transformation. In the past, businesses organized their company by business units and isolated each unit like a system in silos, now it is the time of agility: narrowing down processes, the development of transversal projects and increase collective intelligence.
New technologies are powerful. They help save time, save new clients, money and effectiveness.
The N°1 challenge for 2016 is to be aware of digital tools out there. Businesses have to be agile especially when developing projects based on collective intelligence. We need to offer the right challenge to employees to boost innovation. We also need to capitalize on everyone’s creativity, collaborate between services and learn to transmit knowledge. From a corporate perspective, the challenge is clearly defined:
– to meet the customer’s expectations
– to be more efficient
– to be agile
– stand out from the competition
Another challenge can be highlighted in digital transition and this relates to the quality of the balance between work and life. We must now fully integrate the dimension of well-being for employees so they can achieve their business objectives.

Corinne, Richard, and Stanislas’s projects

For the company La Française des Jeux, Corinne provided us with from feedback on the project called ZINC. ZINC corresponds to a « transversal process of animation and collective creativeness brought by intelligence; allowing to accelerate the capacity of innovation and transformation the culture in an enterprise ».
For EDF, Richard Berro detailed the project DILEX (Digital Learning Experiences). You can think of this project as an internal incubator where all the employees can participate, submit their projects and share their ideas. DILEX is composed of 3 different stages before reaching concrete results:
– EDF organized physical meetings in an external location
– Projects were selected
– All projects would go through a « boot camp » process during 5 days
This allows everyone to work intensively and in an agile manner on challenges they are facing.
Stanislas Poirier, Sanofi France explained to us about the process Multichannel Itinerant Course – Digital Services. This project allows customers to digitize very quickly, using new communication channels and new ways to be informed on certain products. The teams of Sanofi France worked to support medical visitors. The conclusion of this project: provide awareness and implement digital services in Sanofi, provide assistance to healthcare professionals and their patients in treatment everyday.

Their results and accomplishments

Corrine shared with us 2 great achievements with her digital initiative:
Her project has been recognized by the MAKER TOUR of EM Lyon and has been promoted externally from her corporation.
Richard exposed his success through figures of DILEX:
  1. Over 10 digital sessions have been organized
  2. 80 ideas have been submitted through the Wisembly solution
  3. 10 ideas were discussed during a 5-day boot camp event with 4 employees
Richard is extremely impressed by the results of this project, quoting « we made five days what EDF could not do in five months!”
Stanislas gave us the results of the implementations of the Multicanal Itinerant Course: an internal investigation revealed that 77% of the surveyed medical visitors saw the value of using digital solutions to improve their work.

Best practices

Identify projects and the leaders who can conduct collective intelligence in the company
  • Everyone must have the opportunity to express their ideas
  • Select the leaders of each project just like the roles of Corinne, Richard and Stanislas
Animate project communities
  • Practice « empowerment » by taking the advantage of using « internal customers » to communicate with other employees
  • Create a community where people can exchange and share information (intranet or Linkedin)
  • Organize fun and innovative meetings in places outside of a company: EDF organizes their meetings with the DILEX members in places like the NUMA, an eco-system of start-ups in Paris
Find support inside and outside a corporation
  • Create collaborative groups within internal teams and internal departments
  • Have the Top Management and all the executives participate in these projects
  • Find the right sponsors and investors
  • Everyone needs to be open-minded! Richard Berro announced that SNCF and EDF were going to work together soon during a boot camp session to share their best practices and experiences on certain levels
Celebrate success and iterate on it!
  • All projects should be approved by the top level of the corporation and they should contribute financially, physically and morally on all projects
  • Federate community projects
  • Motivate the arrival of new employees and have them participate in a collective way on digital transformation projects


A few words to conclude our exchanges from the Digital Transformation breakfast: Human is at the heart of digital transitions in corporations. Jobs are changing and everyone is contributing to the rise of digitalization.
Any questions regarding the breakfast, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@wisembly.com


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