How to muck up your digital transformation?

Here are all the little techniques to make sure you muck up your business’s digital transformation. Of course, you can also look at this as “things NOT to do in order to NOT muck up your digital transformation”.


1. Digital transformation is all about the tools

Yes, but no. A successful digital transformation starts with human interaction. It’s mostly about identifying expressed needs from your colleagues or your clients. You don’t simply install tools because that’s what’s fashionable at the time, or because your neighbour is using them. It’s a matter of constructing new ways for your colleagues as well as your clients to work.


2. Digital transformation is a piece of cake

We call them ‘millenials‘, colleagues who have grown up with digital solutions and have a perfect mastery of digital tools and social networks. It would be tempting to trust them with business’s entire digital transformation however that may not be the best solution.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, they use the tools for their own personal needs, they would need to be trained in how to use them across the business, especially with regard to data security. Secondly, in order for a digital transformation to succeed, everyone must buy into it. The ‘millenials‘ can start it off and even take on part of the move but they can’t do it alone.


3. A Digital Transformation happens all by itself

Download a new tool here, a piece of new software there, a collaborative solution and a Facebook account and it’s all done. No, it’s a complicated process that doesn’t just happen by itself.

In reality a digital transformation happens with professional help to guide us along the way. Straight away we think of the Chief Digital Officer as the ring lead of such an operation, but it can also start with a small steering committee who are passionate about new modern solutions.


4. It’s only for our colleagues’ use

A digital transition is not just beneficial to your colleagues, it should also be centred around the client. In the end, the big winner of your digital transformation is them!


5. Not rethinking management

You like your little organisation, departmentalised and split into verticals? Sorry but this is out-dated. Businesses undergoing a digital transformation work in the form of ‘project management’. This must come with a new type of manager: the ‘agile manager’.

Who is this superhero? Someone who:

  • looks to work for their colleagues
  • knows how to manage problems
  • accepts change and initiates it intelligently
  • provides a goal to work for

This agile manager targets a state of extreme adaptability. They organise the business in one ensemble of small units, centred around a group culture with shared targets.


6. Social is not for you

A digital transformation doesn’t just happen with the addition of new internal tools to the business. Today, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc all have their place in this process.

It’s a matter of giving everything in order to create new successful relationships with your clients. For a small cost and a significant return on investment, social networks allow us to improve the business’s visibility. They can also help us recruit new staff.

It is worth pointing out that it is not enough to merely be present on social networks. They must be updated regularly. Company rules should be put in place so that that’s not forgotten.


If you are guilty of committing some of these mistakes, you are sure to muck up your digital transformation. Our advice is to create a “not to do list” and check that your company is ready to be digitalised.


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