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Published on 8/12/16 in Future of Work

Cognitive bias series #3: Avoiding trivial product decisions

Satisfaction des collaborateurs : les points de vigilance

What’s easier to discuss: the pros and cons of using an atomic reactor, or choosing the colour of a bikeshed? This is the example used by writer C Northcote Parkinson when explaining his Law of Triviality, which is the tendency for us humans to spend more time discussing easy, or trivial, matters over more important ones. In Parkinson’s anecdote, …Read more

Published on 14/07/16 in Future of Work

What Brexit can teach the construction industry about going digital: Q&A with Neil Thompson


It’s no secret that the construction industry has a lot to gain from digitisation. We’re talking better projects, happier employees and a lot more revenue. Previously we wrote about how digital transformation in the construction sector isn’t just about BIM. This time we’re chatting to Neil Thompson, someone who’s spearheading digitisation in the …Read more