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Published on 11/01/17 in Productivity Tips

Wisembly Tips: Books for Managers in 2017

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2017 is here, and with it the chance of a fresh start and opportunity to grow. As they say: new year, new you. We’ve rounded up our essential reading list on a range of topics from leadership to communication to help you develop and grow as a manager. …Read more

Published on 16/11/16 in Productivity Tips

Better meetings series #3: 3 tips for running productive stand-up meetings

Stand-up meetings are often seen as being the solution to end unproductive, overly long meetings. The concept is simple really: standing up is uncomfortable, so it encourages people to be concise, to the point and keeps the discussion moving.
Also called the “daily scrum” in Agile project management, stand-up meetings are short, usually 15 minute daily meetings involving the …Read more

Published on 25/10/16 in Productivity Tips

Event Series #5: How to measure your event ROI?

Your event went smoothly, everything ran like clockwork and you came in under budget. But was it a success? How do you measure the return on investment? And how can you improve? We often think all the hard work is done before an event, but here we’ll explain why the aftermath needs just as much attention as the planning …Read more

Published on 25/08/16 in Productivity Tips

Don’t let attendees fall asleep at your conference!

Attention is a delicate thing. At one moment you have it, then the next, it’s gone.
Generally speaking a good article can hold your attention for 400 – 500 words. But holding on to the attention of attendees at a conference is much, much harder.
Why? Humans are visually wired, we have short attention spans and a lot on …Read more

Published on 25/07/16 in Productivity Tips

Productivity tips to keep your holiday stress free


Holiday, by definition, is time off. So, whatever you’re up to this season, leave the stress at home and the office behind.
Except, switching off from the office grind isn’t easy. Many of us find the prospect of taking our annual leave a stress in itself. Will the team cope without you? How’s your inbox going to look when …Read more