– Digital Plan Launch

A 2-day convention gathering more than 130 coworkers in Barcelona

  • Challenges

    • Be exemplary and create a 100% digital event
    • Enable participants to express their ideas without interrupting the speakers
    • Give everyone the opportunity to speak, even to the most introverted audience members who would never dare to speak up in front of 100 people
  • Solutions

    • More than 400 messages posted by the participants
    • 2000 likes helping chairs to choose the most relevant questions
    • All the presentations & photos were shared with the participants directly from the platform and ready to be downloaded
  • Benefits

    • Wisembly is an easy to use solution
    • The anonymous mode helped us discuss serious issues and solve them
    • The solution helps to boost the dynamic and the collaboration of a large event

Key figures

  • 400 messages
  • 95% participation rate