Auchan Conference Calls

Once every two weeks, the Auchan Groupe holds a two-hour conference call to update key managers about ongoing projects. Fifteen attendees, spread across a range of different sites, participate in these bimonthly meetings.

  • Challenges

    • Two hours of bimonthly project progress meetings
    • 15 attendees spread across a number of sites and countries
    • Goal: to increase participation and optimise information gathering during regular, remote conference calls with French-speaking colleagues based in different countries outside France
  • Solutions

    • All attendees participated in the calls
    • Adherence to timescales
    • Remote decision making
  • Benefits

    • Optimised process for collecting information and soliciting opinions
    • Informed decision making and simplified data synthesis
    • More dynamic meetings due to increased participation

Key figures

  • 100% participation rate
  • 50 questions and ideas

Chloé Myard, Group Internal Communications Manager at the Auchan Group, discusses her choice to use the WIsembly solution to improve collaboration within a network of communications professionals.

Her goals: to increase participation and optimise data gathering during regular conference calls with French-speaking foreign colleagues across a number of different countries.

Question #1 — How did you use Wisembly and in what context?

During the meeting, I kicked off questions and voting to survey my fellow attendees, to gather information about their local policies and procedures, and to get their opinions about the group’s plans and tools for corporate communications. The slideshow meant that I could distribute the slides in real time and make sure that everyone could see and follow my presentation.
At the end of the meeting, for the first few meetings, the evaluation questionnaire allowed me to get feedback about the attendees’ impressions of this new way of holding meetings, and to use that feedback to adjust my delivery method based on what worked well, and what went less well.

Question #2 — In your opinion, what was the value added by using the Wisembly solution from the perspective of the attendees?

How easy it is to use, a better ability to follow and understand the topics, making it easier to express opinions and share material.

Question #3 — In your opinion, what was the value added by using the Wisembly solution from your own perspective, as the organiser?

I noticed that people were better prepared in advance of meetings, in terms of defining expectations and outcomes for each session. For me, the four main advantages of the solution are the following:
The ability to optimise the process of collecting feedback and gathering information; being able to take informed decisions; making it easier to synthesise different data sources; and more dynamic meetings thanks to greater levels of participation.