UCL chooses Wisembly

Feedback from UCL on their use of Wisembly during the 3-month leadership program, which took place from the 1st of June to the 1st of September with 170 students, 30 companies and 9 members of the faculty team.

  • Challenges

    • Easily collect and access the student’s internship reports
    • Obtain instantly a global and synthetical view of the intern’s experience
    • Quickly identify difficulties and take immediate actions
    • Have the students practice management and leadership
  • Solutions

    • Organised the students by groups of 12 and one team leader per group
    • Students uploaded their reports on Wisembly and notified the faculty
    • Surveys were launched to the companies and the students to identify points of improvement
  • Benefits

    • Collected 450 reports from the students
    • Launched 4 surveys to identify issues in certain internships
    • Collected over 120 questions from the students

Wisembly was used to facilitate a positive student-faculty communication channel

For this Leadership program, UCL chose Wisembly to spice up their way of communicating and collecting feedback from the students and the companies. Interview from Asta Barry, our Wisembly power-user at UCL, London.

1) What type of feature did you enjoy the most in Wisembly (quiz, polls, live Q&A) and why?

Quiz & Q&A, the interface is excellent. easy to use. friendly. 

Efficient way to read & analyse the answers from the students. We have collected such precious data allowing the faculty team to quickly resolve issues and find solutions.

2) What are your final impressions after 12 weeks of use (student, company and faculty point of view & experience)

This is a great tool to connect students between each others. Wisembly has been useful to do quantitative & qualitative analysis.

3) If you were to describe Wisembly in 3 words, what would you choose?

Friendly, easy to use, helpful!
* UCL (University College London) is London’s leading multidisciplinary university, with 11000 staff, 35000 students and an annual income of over £1bn. UCL will be using Wisembly again for 2016!