Condition of Sale


Wiz: The name for a meeting on the Wisembly platform. 

User: A participant or administrator who uses a Wiz (defined as the action of connecting to the platform via the Web or contributing via SMS, Twitter or Email).

License Holder: Named owner of a Wisembly License.

Project Manger Event Support: Upon demand, a Wisembly project manager can accompany you when you use the software for one of your meetings. This service does not include potential transport and accommodation costs incurred by the project manager.

Training: This consists of 2 h 30 of online training for a maximum of 8 colleagues.

License Usage: 

Within the terms of the license, usage of Wisembly is restricted to the person named by Wisembly and the client. Where usage is not covered by the terms of the license, Wisembly reserves the right to block the license for a minimum period of 1 month. The license permits the use of Wisembly for only one meeting at any one time. One Wisembly account cannot be used to organise more than one Wiz at a time. 

The name of the license holder may be changed once annually if justified by a change in function or company.

Wisembly licenses may not be resold.

License Upgrade:

The license holder can upgrade their license at any time during the year. In that case he reengages for a period of 12 months. The remaining complete months of the initial contract that have not been used will be deducted from the new license. 

Wisembly Account:

A Wisembly account (email address + password) cannot be connected to more than 2 Wisembly meetings at the same time. Any additional meetings will block the other sessions. 

Wisembly reserves the right to block the user’s account for a minimum duration of one month in the case of recurring attempts to connect to 2 than one meeting running at the same time. 

License Duration: 

The license will start from the date on which the contract is signed. The license will be automatically renewed for a period of 12 months unless notice is given at least 3 months prior to the end of the contract.


The full charge for the whole subscription is payable during the first month of use of the service. We are required by law n°92/1442 of 31 December 1992 to inform you that non-respect of payment conditions incurs interest for late payment in accordance with the modalities and minimum rates defined in the law.


We develop our software to be used via the Web (smartphones, tablets, PCs/laptops), SMS (national and international), Email and Twitter. The real-time functionality of the software necessitates the use of innovative web technologies.

When administering or moderating a Wiz, the use of obsolete browsers earlier than Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 and certain versions of the Blackberry Browser are not recommended. For an enhanced user experience we recommend using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (> Version 7) browsers. 

Internet Explorer 6 is not compatible with our software.

Counting Users:

A user is defined as a person who can access our platform (via SMS, Web, email or Twitter).

If the same user connects to the platform several times during the day from the same device, it will count as one user.

If the same user connects to the platform several times during the day from different devices (computer, smartphone, text) then the count will be equal to the total number of devices from which they have connected from.

The number of users connected per event is based on a daily calculation over a period of 24h.

Intellectual property: 

This contract does not entitle the client to any intellectual property rights with respect to the software, which remains the entire and exclusive property of Wisembly. 

Consequently, the client formally agrees not to permanently or temporarily reproduce the software, in whole or in part, by any means and in any form, and not to copy its design or use it in any way not provided for in this contract.


Wisembly guarantees complete discretion with respect to the content of the license holder’s meetings.  However, it is the responsibility of Wisembly users not to divulge the password of a meeting except to persons whom the meeting concerns. Wisembly cannot be held responsible for the disclosure of a password by the subscriber’s colleagues or those of one of its partners.

Correspondingly, Wisembly guarantees that participants connecting to the software and wishing to remain anonymous will remain so under all circumstances. We cannot reveal the IP address, telephone number nor any other personal information about an “anonymous” participant in the absence of judicial proceedings concerning said participant.

Commercial references: 

You authorise Wisembly to refer to you in its commercial references and reproduce your logo and branding when doing so.