Data analysis

  • Overview and export of data

    Overview and data export

    You have access instantly to all the statistics of your meeting: number of participants, voting results, downloaded documents ... You can export this data in 1 click

  • activity report Wisembly

    Activity report

    The activity report provides a visual and synthetic view of your event. You can share it in 1 click with your participants or colleagues.

  • Teamwork and collaborative work with WISEMBLY

    Cross tabulation

    You can cross reference all the data collected. This way you map your population and can adapt your communication strategy.

    The Wisembly advantages

    measure the engagement of your audience

    Measure the engagement of your audience

    You can immediately identify the highlights of your meeting. You are then able to rework the content of your presentation and thus generate additional engagement.

    data export

    Data export

    You can export all the data: messages, votes, surveys, documents in 1 single click and share it instantly.