• Analyze the adhesion of your teams with Wisembly

    Measure the engagement of your audience

    Wisembly allows you to measure your audience's engagement to a given speech.

  • A simple and fun solution for your meetings

    React to the results obtained

    You have direct access to the engagement level of the participants. If a subject is problematic you can react to it instantly.

  • statistical vision of collected data

    A detailed analysis of your meeting

    You view point by point the degree of commitment and engagement of your teams. You identify the most blocking points and unifying ideas.

    The Wisembly advantages

    give the floor to everybody

    Give everyone a voice

    Your participants express themselves freely and honestly about the presented projects.

    Make greater solutions emerge

    Improve your projects

    The detailed analysis of the engagement makes it possible to have a clear vision on the axes to be improved as well as on the feasibility of the projects to be put in place.